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If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing people who don’t love you.

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I go from 0 to fuck everybody real quick. (via kingsxoqueens)

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go talk to ya other hoes a girl in love wit u  (via 18dummie)

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When she tellin u she feelin sad thats the opportunity for you to fuck all the sadness out of her

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The first time I held a human brain in Anatomy Lab I was completely speechless. I looked at my classmates expecting a similar reaction and they looked back at me confused like…”dude let’s start identifying the structures.” I had to take a step back and let it process…in my hands was someone’s entire life. From start to finish, every memory, every emotion, every bodily control…was right there in my hands. 


i’m such an asshole but i’m also a very kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then i’m also such an asshole

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Q: Hi Seiko, I kind of want to change it up a little.. actually a lot. I feel like I'm kind of afraid to live.. What should I do first?


Hi Anonymous. Start by saying yes to things you’d usually say no to & no to the things you’d usually say yes to. Get a new hairstyle. Switch up your look. Try foods you were too afraid to try before (maybe) because you were too afraid you wouldn’t like it. Save up & travel somewhere you’ve never been before. Do some volunteer work. Tell someone you’ve always found attractive that you think they’re fucking attractive. Really do that shit though. Don’t isolate yourself. I’m not saying to completely lose your voice of reason, but fucking live a little. You’re never gonna get back lost time, so you might as well make the best of it good or bad & just do what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Life is naturally full of trial & error.

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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone

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